Q. How does it work with the Monthly sessions?

  • This is a monthly program consisting of 4 weekly sessions. I have found that meeting weekly works best to make progress and get the results you want; there is scheduling flexibility to accommodate busy weeks and vacations.  
  • I’ll be available for extra support via email in between sessions so you won’t feel alone. We'll make changes at a pace that’s right for you with time in between sessions to incorporate them.  
  • But of course, life happens! So if you need to reschedule a session due to life fluctuations, that’s no problem! You can reschedule into the next available slot, subject to Dr. Nina’s availability. And you’ll have five weeks to complete all the sessions.

Q. How Is this different from a support group? 

  • Support groups can be a wonderful part of your new journey and are an excellent place to connect with other people that have similar experiences. 
  • However, support groups don’t usually proactively provide real tools you can start using right away to move your life forward. Coaching is about making actual shifts in your life NOW. 
  • As a doctor, I use proven methods based on scientific research to help you get centered mentally and physically to successfully navigate your new life. 

Q. How is this different from therapy? 

  • Having 1:1 therapy can be an important tool in processing the past, and critical for managing mental health issues. Coaching is not a replacement for therapy, but rather it’s about gaining tools to move FORWARD and prepare for a better future. 

Q. Money is tight right now, how can I afford this? 

  • It’s not uncommon to feel budget constraints during or after a divorce. You are often dealing with changes in income and expenses.
  • But the truth is that your future earning potential is directly tied to your physical and mental well-being. 
  • It’s difficult to improve your financial situation (as well as health and social life) when you are overwhelmed, strapped for time, or feel unable to keep up. When you become balanced and centered, then you can implement new efficiencies at home or at work, reinvent your job, or boost your career for a better financial situation. 
  • Consider this an investment in your future that you can’t afford to miss.

Q. But isn’t this taking time and money away from my kids? Isn’t this being selfish?

  • Ask yourself this: Are you the best parent you can be for your kids right now?
  • Are you relying on take out and processed foods because you have no time to cook for your kids?
  • Are you often short tempered or impatient with your kids (and then feel guilty immediately afterwards)?
  • Are you so consumed by the guilt over the divorce that you’re not making the best parenting decisions?
  • Are you letting your health slide because you’re overwhelmed…or out of time?

Your kids need YOU as a healthy and whole person. Giving them a healthy and whole parent is the absolute best gift you could ever give them. So no, it’s not being selfish. Your improved mental, emotional, and physical health can actually directly improve the wellness of your children.