"Nina offers unconditional acceptance and support!"

"You've got to work with Nina - it'll be life-changing!"

"My coaching experience with Nina was phenomenal!" 

"I highly recommend working with Dr. Nina!"

"Money well spent!"

"Nina is a compassionate and skillful coach!"

Nina is the coach and friend you didn't realize that you needed, cheering you on and offering you unconditional acceptance and support. I’m so appreciative for the newfound outlook that Nina helped me find.  

Nina has empathy, intelligence, and kindness. A rare combo. With Nina's coaching, I feel supported, understood, and confident that I can get through anything. 

With care, curiosity and positive reinforcement she helped me get to a place, outside myself, where I was able to see a broader perspective on the issue at hand. This helped me find resolutions that were not clear to me before. 

When I first started working with Dr. Nina, I realized I had no clear path and felt kind of stuck. As an independent producer, I’m my own boss and I’ve found it increasing impossible to self-motivate during the past year. The sessions helped me dial back the noise and stifle my self-limiting thoughts. Most importantly, Dr. Nina’s compassion, attention to detail, and investment in what I viewed as success have been such a comfort during this uncertain time of my life.

Nina is a whip-smart, compassionate, and skillful coach. She completely changed the way I think about my life and my nutrition. She also helped me set achievable goals and celebrate each small win, which led to reaching more goals. 

Nina is a compassionate and skillful coach and I highly recommend working with her. In just one session, she helped me reach a breakthrough in my thinking about what I perceived to be a very stressful and difficult situation. Her thoughtful questions empowered me to view the situation differently, which brought me peace immediately. Thank you, Nina!   







Self compassion made her a happier mom

gave herself space to live in the "now"

Stayed on track with her wellness goals

got her motivation back

learned to celebrate every win

moved from stressful to peaceful

Yes, It Really Works

"Coaching with Nina is highly focused, super productive, and a lot of fun!"

Nina meets me exactly where I am which makes me feel really supported.  She's a keen observer of what's going so we don't waste time and I can move forward quickly.  Rather than feeling stuck, I find myself mirroring her gentle manner and sense of humor which opens the door to honor myself and what really matters. It’s helped renew my enjoyment of work which is so important for me and my patients.  I'm so grateful!


infused joy back into her job

"Nina is supportive and non-judgemental"

I can be myself with Nina and share things that may be difficult to unsurface in my life. She helps me to be honest about what thoughts and patterns may not be serving me and helps me to make a plan to change those. I am a busy working mom with three teenage boys, trying to juggle everything. Nina has helped me to be more efficient and effective at work, clearing time for the very important "everything else."


focused on what really matters