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Welcome to Dr. Nina MD!

I’m so excited that you are here. I’ve combined my own life lessons plus 20 years of life, nutrition, and wellness coaching into this site and my coaching practice so I can help you love your body, your self, and your life.  

I’ve always been a high achiever. I earned good grades in school, became a ski instructor in high school, attended prestigious learning institutions, completed 2 graduate degrees, navigated a successful medical career while raising 3 children, wrote a book published by a prominent publisher, became a yoga instructor, and was an effective public speaker on topics of nutrition and wellness.  

On the outside, I looked like a total success with a fit and trim body to go along with the package. But on the inside, I was suffering with migraines, insomnia, anxiety, and even a virus that affected my heart so severely I required hospitalization. Talk about a wake-up call!

Did I have imposter syndrome? Was joy missing? Was I getting burned out? Was my personal life out of whack? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I had to stop people-pleasing and doing what I thought everyone wanted me to do and instead listen to myself and tap into who and what matters to me.  

It wasn’t easy to be vulnerable and ask those questions about who I am, what matters to me and what I want. It brought up fear and doubt. I wondered if anyone would love me if they knew the real me. I feared that I might fail if I put myself out there and aimed for my goals. I was concerned that I would feel my life was wasted because I wasn’t taking advantage of all of my resources and opportunities. Enter Life Coaching…

Through Life Coaching, I learned that perfect is not a goal; instead, it’s an obstacle. I learned to notice my thinking and how it was affecting how I was feeling about myself and my life. I’ll admit, it wasn’t pretty. I was shocked at my low self esteem and negative self talk!  No wonder I couldn’t bear to be with myself and instead tried to achieve more professionally and personally, used food and fitness to escape my emotions, and often sought the approval of others. 

As a result of coaching, I was able to look within – with compassion – and get to know myself. The real me. My relationship with myself improved tremendously! I allowed myself to say, “no” more often to what didn’t serve me and say, “yes” to what did.  

While I’ve continued to achieve professionally and in my personal life, I give myself more time and space during the day, sleep better, and enjoy and love the people I care about even more joyfully. What a positive difference it has made! 

While I ultimately got there, getting there was a challenge. My thoughts about myself led to difficult emotions like shame, regret, fear, discouragement, worthlessness, blame, and loneliness. Again, not pretty for someone avoiding those feelings for so long. But when I realized that the worst thing was allowing myself to experience these emotions and that the world didn’t fall apart when I did so, I became emotionally stronger and more confident.  

I still experience those emotions, but I can handle them. I know how to take care of myself. This allows me to think previously scary thoughts, like, it’s OK and valuable to be vulnerable in my relationships, I don’t have to use food or fitness to escape emotions, and I can pursue my passion for life, nutrition, and wellness coaching to an even higher level to help many more people.  

You may be able to relate to the exhausting cycle of working hard to achieve, realizing the results don’t make you feel any better about yourself, numbing the shame, frustration, and disappointment with unhelpful behaviors, then launching into another pursuit to escape the negative feelings you have about yourself. It’s brutal!  

But trust me. You can break the cycle and come from a place of love and compassion towards yourself, your life, and others. 

Awareness is a key step on your way to having what you want in your life and feeling good about yourself. It’s entirely possible, and it’s a beautiful journey.  

I’m thrilled to welcome you here so I can help you get there.  Let’s do this together.

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