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How To Live In Your Body Now & Enjoy It

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If you’ve ever seen fault in a body part, you know what it feels like to exist in a body with features that you’d like to change. That’s OK – we all feel that way on some level.  However, the extent to which you are battling with loving your body depends on your past experiences, genetics, circumstances, and how you choose to treat your body. Living in your body and enjoying it can take practice. 

No matter what your life has looked like up until this very moment, simply living in a society where being young, thin, and modelesque is greatly desired can be challenging. When we are held to unrealistic standards (even in our own minds), we suffer and fail to appreciate the body we are living in. Add social media and our natural comparisons to others’ presentation of their life (vs the reality of their life) to the mix and it’s no wonder we find it difficult to live in our bodies, just as they are, with full enjoyment

Here are some tips for living in your body in this moment and enjoying it: 

Avoid Tempting Circumstances 

By this I mean that you want to set yourself up for success. If you are trying to make healthier eating choices, don’t sabotage yourself by going to a place where, historically, you’ve overeaten. Prioritize circumstances that support you in honoring your body by making healthy decisions that impact it.

Clothing Considerations For Living In Your Body Now

Wear what you feel beautiful in, right now. If you only own “skinny clothes,” go shopping and buy something that honors where you are versus punishing you for not being somewhere else. Wear clothing that is comfortable and makes you feel confident.  

Avoid Triggering People 

If you have a tendency to get down on yourself by comparing yourself to very beautiful people with perfect bodies, try to avoid hanging out with those people – for now. This is not forever, but it can temporarily help you continue to build your own confidence level with more ease. Additionally, if there are people in your life who are critical of your body, try not to spend time with them at this moment. If you don’t have that option, set a boundary. Remind them that what they think of your body is not up for discussion, no matter how good their intentions may be. Finally, try to avoid people who stress you out in general, which could lead to stress eating or experiencing a great deal of negative feelings. 

Yoga & Other Physical Activity

One of the very best ways to stay connected to how you feel in your body and to develop a healthier relationship with your body is to practice yoga and other physical activities. The point is to experience a range of sensations in your body that as a whole feel good.  Don’t aim for a certain level of performance or focus on how your movements look to others.  Be kind to yourself and your body and just experience your body.  No matter what shape you are in, you can benefit greatly from gaining strength, flexibility, and experiencing, accepting, and overcoming sometimes uncomfortable body sensations.  

Live In Your Body By Taking A Bath

Even if you are busy running around and typically opt for showers due to their efficiency, I encourage you to try it! Taking a hot, relaxing bath (especially in winter time) can signal to your body that it’s time to feel calm.  Plus it’s a fantastic reminder to love and take great care of your body. 

Affirmations For Living In Your Body

Ever heard the saying, “fake it ‘til you make it”? You may not love your body now but by repeatedly telling yourself positive affirmations about your body (or about a specific part of your body that you like) is an effective way to build confidence and a better relationship with your physical being. Try putting a sticky note on your mirror or keeping a daily journal for one week with positive affirmations about your body. 

Adorn Your Body

Even in quarantine, I recommend getting dressed every day in the morning, soothingly putting on body cream, and if desired, adding makeup and jewelry (only if that makes you feel more confident). 

Feed Your Body 

Instead of eating on the go, take a few moments to sit down to enjoy a meal. By experiencing meals in this more relaxed way, you are honoring your body and the healthy choices that you are making to support it. 

If you would like support around living in your body as it is now, I invite you to learn more about my coaching services.

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